Fortress Destroyer Modules
- Acid Rain -
Effects Moderate Chemical damage in large radius
Cooldown 60 seconds
Additional Stats
Control Point ability
Acid Rain is a Control Point Special Ability.

After activation, a large area around the player's ship is shrouded in a greenish mist. This mist deals 13 Chemical damage, every 0.5 seconds, to everything in its massive area of effect and moves as the player moves.

Acid Rain Active

A Bulwark with an active Acid Rain ability

Acid Rain is incredibly useful for destroying un-mutated Plasticyte and large numbers of weak ship enemies due to its large area and damaging ability and acts as a force-multiplier for any other attacks the player can use, but is not particularly useful in boss battles. In addition to its other uses, it also instantly destroys all missiles and pulse balls on the screen each time it deals damage.

Fortress Destroyer Control Point Abilities
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