Auckland is the first mission beside the tutorial that a player undertakes. This is where the Vanguard is introduced.


1. Destroy Missile Clusters

2. Reach bridge

3. Capture control towers

4. Destroy Remaining Missile Clusters

5. Reach Fortress Gate

6. Investigate Energy Source

7. Defeat Boss

Guide Edit

You first start out in the bottom corner of the map, with the missile clusters near the east, west and northwest. Destroy them and continue to the bridge near the NW missile cluster. A bomber will destroy the bridge

The game then introduces you to control towers, capture both of them, be warned that enemies will assault you as you capture the tower, the towers will be near the middle and the North east part of the map,

After capturing the towers the game tells you to destroy more missile clusters, these will be located near the west of the map, destroy these

The next objective will be to reach the gate near the top of the map, a bomber will destroy it and you can enter, The gate will close behind you so if you are going for the rewards, don't enter until your done with everything else.

A Boss will spawn, for the first time playing, the boss will always be the Vanguard 


‎This article needs more information, and is incomplete as of this moment.

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