Bruton RepeaterEdit


Insectie (10/30/15)

Not the best weapon. You think with a description that says it can "trigger a localized plasma explosion on impact" this would be good but the projectiles are slow and highly inaccurate and don't actually do amazing damage (relative to other beam weapons).


Dark CrystalEdit

One of the best weapons in game, in my opinion, shots 10 beams, per shot, default rpm is 12, so the turret shot 120 beams per minute, I have a tier 4, Dark Crystal, and you have 27k dpm to start (no modules) my best with modules is 43k dpm, every shot is about 230 damage, best of all to kill bosses.



Insectie (10/30/15)

My favorite general small laser. It has a good ROF, good damage and great range.

Kron48 (3/28/2017):

If you have to pick between small beam towers, this one's your best bet. A Gemini with a Resonate/Multiflect/Reflect Module + Shrapnel Shot Module is comparable to many Medium towers. If you have any slots left over, try to optimize for ROF over DPM.


HL MultithreatEdit

R2T9 (10/30/15)

Probably one of my favorite Beam Towers simply because it is so unique. It has the ability to target missiles, due to its high Rate of Fire. It functions more like an Autocannon than a normal Beam tower. Unfortunately restricted to Corvette.

Mega PulseEdit


Nat NatEdit

Insectie (10/30/15)

Battlecruiser only, this twin laser has great range and damage while a not bad ROF. Its only rare so you can find it in high tiers with lots of slots making it as good if not better than the extra-rare and hyper-rare beam towers.


It's very fun. I mounted a Tier 2 Oscillator on my level 14 boat and put Multiflect and Shrapnel Shot on it, and it's so overpowered.

Personally I love this one, it shots 4 beams per shot, I putted advanced modules on it now have 170rpm 4 shots each one so it have an exceptionally amount of 680 shots per minute 180 damage each one you definitely need this.


Planar BeamEdit