"I'll drag ye down to Davy Jones!"
―In-game quotation
Black Prince

The Black Prince

The Black Prince is the fifth and final standard boss. It is first encountered on the player's first attempt of the Bermuda map.

A phantasmal sailing ship, the Black Prince's attacks are inaccurate but deadly. It can either throw powder kegs at the player's ship or perform a broadside of several dozen cannon shots. They are capable of doing large amounts of damage but are easy to avoid if the player stays on the move.

Due to its ghostly nature, it is completely immune to ramming (the player's ship will instead pass through it harmlessly), and it is quite fast.

An easy way to beat this boss is to exploit the ghost nature. Hide inside the ship and the cannons will not have a line of sight but you can shoot with impunity.

Black Prince Captain

The captain of the Black Prince as seen in dialog boxes

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