• Supertimmytime

    I've recently come to this wiki and have been doing some edits, but for anyone else who passes through, I just wanted to notify you that this wiki community is pretty dead. At least for now, there is very clearly no one doing any real edits other than myself. It looks like some people, occasionally flow in and out and do some edits, (and you guys are appreciated) but it looks like the major work that needs to be done won't be done too quickly. It IS a pretty decent wiki in its current state, but there are definitely some obvious gaps throughout. I think i'll be consistently editing the wiki, and would greatly appreciate anyone else willing to give some time to the wiki.

    Anways, maybe during the summer, or when an update comes there will be …

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  • Kron48

    I'm alive

    October 3, 2015 by Kron48

    I'm alive (I think)! Yay!

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  • Mitch01themonkey

    200 Pages

    August 15, 2015 by Mitch01themonkey

    Hi people, we must have 200 pages to apply for promotion on the Wikia homepage, so let's make some more pages! I just updated the Modules template to include all of them, so you can make pages for the modules.

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  • Chrs36

    Taking it slow

    August 12, 2015 by Chrs36

    Due to school returning, I will be less active on this wiki. I will, however, check on it each day and still add things sometimes, but not as much as before. I do still care about this wiki's evolution.

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  • Bing445


    August 5, 2015 by Bing445

    As most of you know, the wiki had been dead for awhile, due to lack of activities and people. Unfortunately, there's only one person in power, and that's the founder. Stevw. So, I had send a request for adoption (Adoption is where you send a request for founder powers, if, the Wiki been inactive, and no one with power had edited with 60 days).

    I came here, to try revive the Wiki and spread the word.

    Would like to thank...

    • Rapid Fire Productions; for help out a bit. Also for telling his brother, Chrs36, about this Wiki.
    • Chrs36, thanks for creating tons of pages. You had done most of the heavy-lifting lately.
    • DraCra, you were a great partner at the beginning. Unfortunately, you had been busy/forgotten about this Wiki.
    • Lady Blue had edited some pag…
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  • TarTarisAwesome

    Are you guys excited or what? I've just founded a conception wiki that you guys can use to create all kinds of things related to FD! Check it out here!  It's still in development, but you can check it out and make your own suggestions/coceptions for FD! TarTar out.

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  • Bing445


    July 23, 2015 by Bing445

    For the weapons infoboxes, to find them, type "Infobox/Fortress Destroyer Weapons".

    For ships infoboxes, "Infobox/Fortress Destroyer Ships".

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