"You don't stand a chance against me."
―In-game quotation

A Bloodguard with its acid trail.

The Bloodguard is the elite version of the Vanguard.

The Bloodguard is in no way the pushover the standard Vanguard is. It moves more quickly, deals much more damage, and is comparatively durable. It additionally adds several nasty new attacks to its arsenal to better deal with players.

Abilities Edit

  • The Bloodguard retains the VLS system, single-shot cannon and four-shot cannon of the standard Vanguard, but has additional damage on all of those weapons.
  • After taking some damage, the Bloodguard begins spawning Fanatic kamikaze boats ram the player.
  • The Bloodguard also retains the "teleport, ram the player, and teleport again" attack style when it is severely damaged of the lesser Vanguard.
  • In addition to these abilities, the Bloodguard leaves a toxic trail in the water which damages ships on contact, discouraging any attacks from the behind or circling maneuvers.
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