Bosses are special ships that must be defeated to complete Campaign Battles and Boss Hot Spots. Upon being defeated, they will drop many rewards and a Blueprint. There are currently 6 bosses:

Map Boss Elite form
Auckland Vanguard Bloodguard
Hong Kong Hive Brood
Seoul Nexus Median
Tokyo Kraken Kraken V2
San Fransisco Leviathan
Bermuda Black Prince Phantom

Spawning Edit

  • If the map is a Campaign Battle that the player has never defeated before, its designated Boss will always spawn there.
  • If the map is a Hot Spot, or a Campaign Battle that the player has defeated at least once, a random Boss will spawn.
  • Sometimes, the elite form of a Boss will spawn.
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Enemies listed in parentheses () following another enemy are the elite form of that enemy. If there is no elite form listed, that means one does not exist or has not yet been added to the game.