Fortress Destroyer Towers
- Command Bridge -
Damage/Pellet 210
Damage per Minute 3570
Targets Land/Sea
Rate of Fire 17/minute
Range 520m
Accuracy 85%
Weapon Class Cannon
Damage Type Ballistic
Slot Size Bridge
Rarity Common
"A good all rounder, this conventional bridge mounts a hard hitting cannon turret"
―Official Description
The Command Bridge is a Common bridge. It is automatically slotted on every new hull, and has the lowest DPM of all bridges.

Trivia Edit

  • The default bridge on all new bulls is a tier 1 Command bridge with 3 slots.
  • One use of this bridge is to acquire slots as this bridge comes with 4 or 5 slots often. The extra module(s) slot is often a large enough incentive to use this bridge over a stronger bridge with less module slots.
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