Data ark

The Data Ark is an ally that appears on the map "San Francisco". The Data Ark has a small amount of HP, and extremely low armor, but can regenerate at a decent rate, and is immune to the radiation burn patches. The Data Ark has no weapons or other forms of defense. You are required to keep it alive in order to complete the mission, however, which may prove to be a difficult task for some high level players.

Strategy Edit

The cursor will snap to the Data Ark if held down over it, which, if you are behind it, allows you to line up perfectly with it, and push it. Also, one can use a speed boosting ability to push it more quickly than normal, but if you move too fast, it will force the Data Ark sideways, making it move slower than normal pushing, and moves it off track.

Fortress Destroyer Allies
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Structures Electrogun · Powerstation

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