An Engineer lieutenant

The Engineer is a mid-level enemy ship found in almost all missions.

The Engineer has decent HP for a regular ship and fires slow-moving energy balls that can apply an EMP effect, slowing the player significantly - upgrading Firmware lessens the impact of these. Besides this they do not do much damage. This enemy also has a cannon tower mounted on the front of it that deals slightly less damage than a Raider's cannon tower, without the blast radius. Lieutenants are often found leading Control Point retaliatory squadrons or Nexus summons. This enemy's weapon has the same appearance as the "Zenith" tower. This is one of two non-boss enemies that has two weapons. the other being the Hydra/Drake class aircraft.

Its elite counterpart is the Senior Engineer.

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Enemies listed in parentheses () following another enemy are the elite form of that enemy. If there is no elite form listed, that means one does not exist or has not yet been added to the game.