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Fortress DestroyerEdit

Fortress Destroyer is the latest game by the creators of the smash-hit Bloons Tower Defense 5, Ninja Kiwi! Steer your ship to victory using your mouse or touch screen and save this post-apocalyptic world from the Blackwater pirates! Fortress: Destroyer is available to play right now at

Watch the official trailer here.

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Timeline Edit


  • When the world ended, it was not with fire. It was with ice.


  • Melting ice sheets flooded coastal cities worldwide. Radiation festered in toxic debris fields.
  • Amidst chaos, Aiden Black and his blackwater pirates took control of the seas.


  • A fragile network of free navies formed The New Coastal Alliance. They have only begun to build their fleets and fight back.

Latest activityEdit


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  • August 13th, 2015: Ninja Kiwi added Fleet Research, Power Points, and along with tons of tweaks and fixes!

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Fortress Destroyer - Official Web Trailer!

Fortress Destroyer - Official Web Trailer!

Official Trailer

Fortress Destroyer Hong Kong Max reward (Fleet Admiral)

Fortress Destroyer Hong Kong Max reward (Fleet Admiral)

How to earn Fleet Admiral!

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