Fortress Destroyer Towers
- Hardwired Bridge -
Damage/Pellet 400
Damage per Minute 6,800
Rate of Fire 17
Range 540m
Accuracy 87%
Weapon Class Beam
Damage Type Energy
Slot Size Bridge
Rarity Uncommon
Additional Stats
Ability cooldown reduction -5%
Firmware increase +4
Destroyer exclusive
"Hull-integrated infrastructure increases firmware debuff resistance by 4 and reduces activated ability cool-downs by 5%. Beam turret."
―In-game description
The Hardwired Bridge is an Uncommon bridge exclusive to Destroyers.

The Hardwired bridge is the perfect choice for players who wish to get the most out of their activated abilities, as it offers a significant bonus to their time of cooldown. Its beam turret is fairly short ranged versus other bridge weapons, but is capable of large amounts of damage.

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