Fortress Destroyer Modules
- Hijack -
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Effects Turn up to 4 enemy vessels to the player's side for 45 seconds
Cooldown 90 seconds
Additional Stats
Control Point ability
Hijack is a Control Point Special Ability. It is known as "HackJack" in game.

Upon activation, the player is required to target an area. After selecting the area to be targeted, up to four enemy ships around that area are connected to the player by green lines and will begin attacking their own comrades. Controlled enemies will gain a very noticeable increase in rate of fire.

Hijack Activation

A Wasp hijacking a Ranger lieutenant

Certain enemy ships are not taken under complete control of the Hijack ability. For example, Zealots/Fanatics will not blow themselves up on enemies and instead simply follow the player around for the duration of the hijacking. Bosses will not attack their allies, but will take 50 energy damage every 0.5 seconds.

Hijack is best used when either attacking large groups of enemies or when fighting a boss, to turn several of the smaller vessels against each other. Skirmishers and Ravens are excellent targets due to their high firepower, while Engineers can greatly assist with their stunning shots. Please note that any Asps/Vipers that are launched from a Skirmisher while it is hijacked are permanently allies toward the player.

Trivia Edit

  • The icon for Hijack is one of the enemy designs from the 1978 game Space Invaders.
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