Insectie (11/6/15):

Amazing missile launcher. Shoots 4 big missiles dealing tons of damage and will deal serious damage to bosses and Ravens. Use with Finisher or Burst Fire for even greater effect.




HS RedeemerEdit

It's not a great weapon. However, it is fun to watch the missiles fly around in circles if it misses.




RAM BlockEdit

RAM Block 6Edit

RAM Block 9Edit

RAM Block ShieldEdit

Sea GriffinEdit

Insectie (11/6/15):

Hands down the best small missile launcher. Only fires one missile but does a lot of damage and has a built in splash damage.

SeaRAM AntiairEdit

Insectie (11/6/15):

As the name implies this can only hit air targets (and missiles). This limits its usefulness quite a bit. Pass on this in favor of another weapon that can hit air like a missile launcher or autocannon which will be useful for other things as well.

SeaRAM SeekerEdit

Insectie (11/6/15):

This is a medium version of the SeaRAM Antiair. Takes up an entire medium slot for simply anti-air and missile defense. There are a lot better things you can be doing with that slot and if you feel like your ship needs anti-air, just use something else than can hit air in that slot.



Insectie (10/28/15):

In every test I have done this weapon not only under-preforms (less kills/damage) just about every other medium tower (which might not include the DOT), but makes the level noticeably harder. I suspect low ROF and missiles that miss a lot are to blame (it would be much better if it fired less missiles more often instead of all 9 at once), while the corrosive DOT effect is rendered less effective by other towers killing the target before it has a chance to do much. Somewhat better vs. bosses where the DOT can work and if you use the Finisher or Burst Fire module, but its much better to pass for other towers especially because by time you get this extra-rare tower you'll likely have many others you can use.

Sparkler VLSEdit


A good starting tower, but once your boat is level 10 or higher, it's completely useless.

Sunspot VLSEdit

I really like the tower, but I wish it had a better RoF.