"Your smouldering husk will feed the Nexus!"
―In-game quotation

A Nexus

The Nexus is the third standard boss encountered. It is first seen during a player's first run-through of the Seoul mission.

Nexus - Captain

The Nexus' captain as seen in dialogue

More than likely to be the first boss to prove a significant challenge to players, the Nexus possesses a myriad of weapons. It has two autocannons capable of gatling gun-level fire rate and a long range energy cannon weapon, which it can either fire aimed at the player or in a rapid-fire saturation attack. It can additionally summon groups of enemies and improve a regular enemy's speed through a laser emitted from the back of the ship. All of these weapons will increase in fire rate as the Nexus takes damage, and it will rapidly take down a ship's health in close range when it is near death. This enemy's weaponry has the same appearance as the "Repeller" and "Whirlwind" autocannons.

Its elite variant is the Median.

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