Fortress Destroyer Modules
- Seafire -
Effects Select an area in the water to start a fire
Additional Stats
Control Point module
Seafire - Active

Seafire is a Control Point ability in Fortress Destroyer.

When activated, you will be prompted to select an area in the sea to target. When targeted, a missile will fall and start a fire on the water. It usually isn't considered to be a good ability since its AOE is quite small and it doesn't do a lot of damage (only 100 thermal damage per tick). The enemies can also move out of the fire which limits its effectiveness even more.

Fortress Destroyer Control Point Abilities
Missile Storm · Covering Fire · Corrosive Charge · Acid Rain · EMP · Gravity Well · Hijack · Seafire · Bombing Run · Electrify · Drone Swarm · Air Support · Fleet Leader · Satellite Strike

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