• See, what I've been most wanting to do with this wiki for a while, is add more content. I think that all the module, tower, etc. pages could all use some more information, as they pretty much all just have an infobox. I think that discussion of the possibilities for what could go into them is the best way because one person (me) isn't going to know what the overall crowd wants in the pages.

    So specifically, Towers (eg), Modules (eg), Bridges (eg) need the most work, but Hulls (eg) could also use some work.

    They don't even need to be super long with all possible information you could ever think of wanting, but more than just the name and one fact.

    If you have any ideas for what we could put into these pages, please, feel more than free to lob ideas or discuss, or whatever. The wiki isn't super active right now, so I expect any idea gathering will not be a super quick process; any comments at all would be very appreciated. 

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    • One idea I had was to have some information on similar and related modules/towers. I tried that here, but I think I probably did too much.

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    • I have been putting some comparison to other towers, as an objective way to judge worth. Egs: 1 , 2 , 3. This seems solid to me.

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    • Great work, really love the effort you put into this, just saying thank you. ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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